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H.Beam Piper

(1904 - 1964Nov09)

"He knew the grand sweep of history, but he also knew the small tales; the intrigues and petty jealousies, heroism and cowardice, honor and betrayals.

This, I think, is why his stories have such a ring of truth... He was a story teller; a man who could keep you up all night with his books and tales... He was a cavalier."

-Jerry Pournelle, preface to Federation

[Fuzzies and Other People]

News 2001Mar14: Ace has been republishing some of H.Beam Piper's books as _The Complete Paratime_ (ISBN 0441008011, pub. 2001) and _The Complete Fuzzy_ (ISBN 0441005810, pub. 1998). Naturally, Ace has no presence on the Internet, and what there is, is broken, but perhaps in 10 or 15 years at this rate, all of his works will be back in print...

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* Michael Kurland, posthumous coauthor of First Cycle
* Build Your Own Fuzzy Action Figure!

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